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Solid fullstack software developer in VueJS, ReactJS, iOS Swift, NodeJS
Software engineer with 4+ years of work experience in web development. Mainly working as a full stack developer in Javascript-based technologies. Worked as lead developer on multiple projects in the c...
7 Projects completed
GMT-8 USA Pacific Region (PT)
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Updated: 06 Feb 2020
Hands-on architect with 10+ years of experience in R&D, Automation, AI & Data Science
Pavel is a great technology leader, his optimistic outlook on everything work and life related really helps drive his teams to success. His personal motto in life is that “all experiences are priceles...
6 Projects completed
GMT West Europe
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 15% discount
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Updated: 22 Jun 2020
Seasoned mobile developer with iOS, Swift and React Native. Also Javascript engineer, experienced in VueJS.
Software Engineer with 4+ years experience in Software Development, focused on mobile development with iOS app development in Swift. Also proficient in mobile and web Javascript development in React N...
8 Projects completed
GMT-8 USA Pacific Region (PT)
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Updated: 22 Sep 2020

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