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Bohdan M.
Last update: 03 Jul 2019
Full Stack Engineer
● Blockchain: Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, Mocha, Ethermint, Tendermint, Testerpc, Infura, Geth, OppenZeppelin, Bitcoin, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Stellar, Quorum, Multichain, Corda
● iOS: Objective-C, Swift 1.0-4, C++
● Backend: Python (Django), NodeJS
● Frontend: React. js, VUE.js, Javascript, HTML, CSS
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
GMT+2 East Europe


Industry Experience

Education & Science, Law & Government, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Entertainment & Games

Product Experience

News portals, Blockchain-based platform, Document management web application, Deals & Rewards, ICO, Cryptocurrency, e-learning gamification solution


Dec `18 – Present

7 months

СMI news portal on blockchain

Solution Architect / Lead Blockchain Engineer

Designed the architecture, White Paper tech review, presented the

Edward Richardson

CMI is a global ecosystem integrating the blockchain into the news, social media, trade, finance, education and technological innovation. The CMI portal provides information from around the globe relating to technological developments and blockchain applications in various languages.

Technologies Stack:

Node.js React Native Ethereum


Education & Science


News portals, Blockchain-based platform


Sep `18 – Present

10 months

Blockchain-based notarization platform

Tech Lead/ Lead Blockchain Engineer

Responsible for the full backend/ blockchain development on the project for B2C users who want to create the agreements and sign digitally via the trustworthy system on behalf of the verified user. Integrated the ID service providers in Europe for confirming the personal identity and the business entity identity for connecting the specific ETH address with the ID service providers. More info on

Marco Drost

Develop a solution that will allow owners of documents to confirm, transfer and share their ownership and have information of the latest signed document on the blockchain.The development of backend and frontend, development and audit of Ethereum smart contracts, blockchain consulting and business analysis.

Technologies Stack:

Ruby on Rails Ethereum Solidity Vue.js Web3.js


Law & Government


Document management web application


Oct `18 – Dec `18

2 months

TennaGraph – Ethereum Signal Aggregator sponsored by Aragon foundation

Solution Architect/ Lead Blockchain Engineer

Fully responsible for frontend and backend development of the website that will show the list of EIPs from Github with realtime updates, including the architecture design and smart contracts development, connecting gas voting, developing the complex voting system that gives voters the possibility to vote with their balances on their Ethereum wallets.


The project is sponsored by Aragon foundation and Founder of - a fairly high source of truth in terms of recognized people and their skill sets. The end goal is a community-curated hub that clears out some of the noise around key developments and decisions facing Ethereum.

Technologies Stack:

Python Ethereum Solidity Vue.js


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


Deals & Rewards


Mar `18 – Sep `18

6 months


Blockchain Engineer

Backend, Blockchain and Frontend Development, Security assurance.

ICONX is the ICO platform (investor & admin panel) seeing marketing a main priority. ICONX enables: ●Integration with traffic analyzing tools ●Integration with digital advertising engines ●User-friendly interface with customizable design ●Deployment in under two weeks

Technologies Stack:

Bitcoin Django Ethereum Vue.js


ICO, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain-based platform


Jan `18 – Mar `18

2 months

Motive 8

Backend Developer

Backend and Frontend, Smart Contracts Development

Own blockhain project

Crypto Kitties had huge success in the Ethereum network. It game mechanics is pretty simple, but with the concept of ownership and commerce, it was enough to drive people. We'd like to test same mechanics in the traditional gamification space – as a motivational tool for good moves and work.

Technologies Stack:

Django jQuery Ethereum Solidity


Entertainment & Games


e-learning gamification solution



Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Master Degree in the computer science

App/Blockchain Development agency #246

We're using blockchain, mobile, web and machine learning for decentralization, process optimization and better service. Our team at 4ire Labs specializes in custom development on the most popular blockchains – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger. The main goal of 4ire Labs is developing web, mobile, Ðapps for improving economies and make a transparent, reliable and secure system for governance and management. Providing such services: - Сustom development on popular blockchains - Smart Contracts Development & Audit - App Development - Consulting


All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
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Updated: 07 Jul 2019
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 07 Jul 2019