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Vlad K.
Last update: 12 Jul 2019
Full Stack Web Developer
• Understanding object-oriented programming principles;
• Work with legacy code;
• Unit testing, TDD, automation testing;
• Understanding Agile model of software development;
• Continuous integration and deployment;
• Communication skill;
• Education & Training skills;
• Bachelor degree in Computer Science;
• Automated testing in .NET.
GMT+2 East Europe
Kyiv/Ukraine, Dnipro/Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya/Ukraine, DE/US


30pills (treatment plans management)


developing the mobile and web server parts. Mobile application – patient tracks his treatment plans, medications to take, communicates with the doctors. Web-API – a gateway for the mobile client. Web-application served as a control panel for doctors, where they can create and assign treatment plans and communicate with their patients. Database design from scratch.

• Cross-platform mobile app (React Native). Used by patients for communication with doctors: treatment plan tracking, messaging, video calls (WebRTC). • Web-application for doctors: ASP.NET Core, React, Entity Framework (MS SQL), LINQ, ASP.NET Core Identity; • API (REST): ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework (MS SQL), LINQ, SignalR, ASP.NET Core Identity;

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET React.js WebRTC Entity Framework MS SQL Server WebAPI

Eduspike (messenger with shop elements)


Bugfix, optimization of mobile application UI for iOS, new features implementation, research undocumented functionality, writing documentation, deploying, database updates, legacy code support.

• Mobile application (React Native) – for participating in the lecture chats, and buying stuff like coffee. • API (ASP.NET Web API) – a gateway for the mobile client. SignalR, Entity Framework (MS SQL), LINQ.

Technologies Stack:

API React Native Entity Framework LINQ ASP.NET Web API

GDPR (mostly automation testing from my side)


Systems modification, automation test framework development, database performance improvements, database updates.

• This project included several systems that needed to be modified in order to comply with new GDPR requirements and included: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, several MS SQL databases, MS SQL Server Integration Services, MS SQL Server Reporting services, NHibernate (MS SQL), Angular.JS, jQuery and other. • Automation tests: .NET, XUnit, NHibernate (MS SQL, Oracle DB) Selenium, additional small libraries, GPG.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS ASP.NET MVC jQuery .NET NHibernate

IINV (Innovations portal)


New features implementation, documenting existing architecture, modeling solutions (diagrams) for new feature requests, performance improvements, database updates, legacy code support, deployment (using Jenkins).

• Windows background service for synchronization with data lake, email digests etc. - Orchard (some parts), NHibernate (MS SQL), Castle Windsor, NLog, Apache Kafka integration; • Web application – Orchard CMS with modifications and tons of custom modules – ASP.NET MVC, Castle Windsor, NHibernate (MS SQL), NLog and other;

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET MVC Apache Kafka NHibernate Orchard CMS

HAWK (data tracking)


New features implementation (web app and API), writing documentation, database updates, legacy code support.

• Android application (not involved); • Web application – ASP.NET Web Forms, asmx, ashx, jQuery, Entity Framework (MS SQL, database-first), SSDT (database modeling), Knockout.JS; • API – a gateway for the mobile client. WCF (http + json), ADO.NET (MS SQL);

Technologies Stack:

API jQuery Knockout.js ADO.NET Entity Framework

Cybersecurity&Virtualization agency #336

Cybersecurity, virtualization, cloud computing, SaaS development, Encryption as well as Machine Learning. We have accumulated significant technical skills and knowledge base thus providing our clients a competitive advantage when outsourcing software development projects to us. Blockchain smart contracts development, ML/DL/AI. Over our history, we have organically grown adding new technology domains to the team expertise and yet maintaining the same engineering, quality, and project management standards. We build long-term relations with our clients and place great care in delivery and quality. Apriorit is proud to possess expert programming skills in .NET development, C/C++, Phyton, C#, Obj-C, and other languages. Our expert knowledge in driver and kernel development domains, has been recognized by our clients and professional community.


Senior Front-end developer
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Updated: 18 Jun 2019
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 12 Jul 2019
Manual QA, Certified Tester, ISQTB Foundation Level Certified Tester
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Updated: 12 Jul 2019
Senior Ruby on Rails developer
- 6+ years in Ruby/Rails; - Strong understanding of relational (Postgres/MySQL) and non-relational databases (Redis, Elasticsearch, DocumentDB); - Very comfortable with Git and GitHub - Heavy exper...
GMT+2 East Europe
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Updated: 12 Jul 2019