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Document automation for HR Teams: managing outsourced talent in 2024

In 2020, when more businesses started shifting their focus to demand-based outstaffing instead of hiring in-house talent, it turned out to be more cost-effective while still securing company growth for many cases. Switching to the outsourcing market, however, did not change the issues at hand—like competing for star talent, and making sure they deliver.

Is there a need for human resources document management software?

Human Resources requires qualified project management in order to be effective and successful. While all processes should be clear and controlled, everything needs to be documented to work without friction and confusion.

HR teams deal with various time-consuming documents. Even if some of the employees have a legal background, nobody canceled the pain of routine document drafting, managing piles of paperwork, and keeping all contract deadlines and important clauses in your head.

When the hiring process is built with a help of specialized platforms like YouTeam, a lot of related questions are taken care of by the platform. In other cases, this is where document automation for HR Teams can come in handy. Having eased the lives of many legal departments, law firms, and businesses, document automation software is here to make an HR officer’s life easier, their workflow faster, and their practice more professional.

In European Union, due to the Directive NR 2003/88 / EC created in 2019, all the member states are obligated to register and collect the data about the employees’ working time. This resulted in even more document work that has to be taken care of by the HR team beginning with the first day of a new employee’s job.

Fortunately, there is software specializing in automating the processes of time tracking and gathering the archival data in a secured cloud where everyone can access them at any time. In pair with absence management tools like in Calamari, they optimize all the activities connected to employees’ working time reporting. It’s a simple way of allowing HR specialists to focus more on other duties like hiring the best specialist and preparing onboarding an efficient process.

Together with AXDRAFT, we gathered the main 4 ways document automation (DA) software can help your team manage outsourced talent.


YouTeam sources only the best-matching candidates for your scope of work in less than 2 days. Whether you are in need of skilled back-end, front-end developers, experienced Python developers, or Ruby developers, our platform excels at finding the perfect match for your project requirements. All of our candidates have relevant experience and expertise. Thanks to this chances of a successful interview and fast hiring are high and the efforts from a hiring manager are low. Our platform’s legal assistance is another time-saver during the hiring process. Thanks to all this, companies can focus on a selection of candidates that will have a perfect fit with a current in-house development team, not on hiring routine.

But most of the companies in a market are still stick to the classic hiring model which has its pros and cons.

According to Glassdoor, every corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. Of those candidates, 4 to 6 will get called for an interview, and only one will get the job. For an HR team this means that in order to close a single job posting, they need to go through a myriad of candidates and spend several hours on interviews with the ones that fit their requirements. This means that hundreds of resumes need to be evaluated, dozens of questionnaires sent out and analyzed, several NDAs to be signed—doesn’t all this already call for a separate budget on paper?

Yes, DA can solve the goal of going paperless. But it is more than that.

While word-of-mouth arrangements may be ok for startups, there is still too much risk in losing the candidate during negotiations, having a leak of confidential information, or simply the candidate being less than they appeared to be during the interview.

With document automation software, you build a secure non-disclosure agreement for as many candidates as you need. Because all your documents are already outlined, your outsource team only needs to fill in the variables.

This will help you speed up hiring, ensure the safety of the company’s product, and oversee the candidate’s contractual obligations during the probationary period, as well as after it is over.

With a contract to sign, the talent you’re hiring feels important. When this is done via document automation software, the talent understands the seriousness of the company and sees that work processes here are smooth, modern, and seamless. This alone can already seal the deal and will make the candidate treat the job with extra seriousness.

And oh yes, the billing. You don’t need to do calculations, draft new invoices, and worry about them getting sent into your accountant’s junk mail. With human resources document management software, all your billing processes will be fully transparent and will commence with zero friction.

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With document automation, you have a solid groundwork to onboard any specialist—you get flexible, easy-to-modify templates that fit into any hiring pipeline. Using a clause playbook, you can build a hiring contract that defines the scope of work, expectations, requirements, and goals for the candidate in minutes.

When an outsourced team joins the project, using document automation for HR Teams will help you outline the partnership’s success more easily, and oversee the progress of the project. Having a ready-to-use template with key company objectives and values, you don’t need to explain all the necessary aspects to comply with—just send everyone the document to ensure that no unintentional damage is done. Moreover, using epub or pdf formats you can streamline the onboarding documentation process or provide new hires with interactive onboarding guides that they can access on their mobile devices.

When onboarding an outsourced team, defining a budget and discussing possible risks and expenses over the budget are some of the key clauses in the contract. Make sure you have every task counted, the budget allocated, and responsibilities outlined, in case of force majeure. By the way, do you have a clause that defines what a force majeure is? Human resources document management software will make sure to remind you of all these things.

Tracking deliverables and quality assurance

One of the main fears connected with hiring an outsourced team is—what if they don’t deliver what I need when I need it? How to ensure deliverables and responsibilities related to them?

In the case of hiring via YouTeam, companies get extra protection from this kind of situation. Our dedicated managers from the Customer Success and Legal teams are the guarantees that our client’s rights are not violated and that all disputes will be solved. We become a moderator between the client and the outsourcing company if there’s any problem. And if consensus is impossible, we offer a replacement from another outsourcing company. Therefore, our clients don’t lose their time and keep on according to their development schedule.

Another way to protect your company—define every deliverable in the scope with document automation software. Work out all action plans and compensation methods for their delivery. It will take you less than an hour, instead of spending days on discussions. Even then you’d still have to write it in a language you’ll be confident is clear for everyone. AXDRAFT, for example, uses GPT-3 in legal tech to make sure that the language of every contract is understandable.

After the scope is clear, there’s no need to circle delivery dates in your calendar. DA will let you know when the delivery date approaches. In case the obligations are not met, you’ll know what actions need to be taken while staying on the right side of the law, and without the need for furious emails.

Your document automation software will make sure you have all deadlines defined, and penalties for not meeting the deadlines outlined. This way you are secure from any financial losses, and the outsource team understands the severity of not delivering on time. By the way, a clause with delivery standards and possible evaluation of work by a third party is also good to include. High-quality delivery will be guaranteed.

Data security

Every business has intellectual property they want to protect. When outsourcing projects, business owners want to ensure their data is secure and responsibly used.

There are four types of intellectual property rights that typically need to be protected:

  • Patent
  • Trademark
  • Copyrights
  • Trade Secrets

Document automation software helps you secure IP rights for outsourced work. Prior to starting negotiations, you can draft an NDA in less than a minute. After intent is received, you can sign an agreement that will ensure the protection of your data and will prevent the outsourcing team from leaking your IP to third parties. And while you’re keeping your contracts secure in cloud storage, remember to legally outline all access rights and prepare protocols for any leakage scenarios.

Fearing a leak? After successful negotiations, use your DA to collect all the necessary background data with simple, automated questionnaires. This way you’ll avoid fraud, and the outsource team will be responsible for completing the forms.


The world is constantly changing. What was thought to be ridiculed two years ago has become normal today—many works from their homes and group meetings are online. Businesses are shifting to outsource work processes, while HR teams have to get used to contract lifecycle management software in order to hire top talent fast and ensure the timely deliveries of projects without impacting quality. Powerful AI in document automation software is allowing for the processing of complex contracts in minutes, having flexible templates to use with multiple candidates, and overseeing all the deadlines and deliverables. If your business is looking to step up its game, ensure the safety of your IP, and enjoy fast hiring processes with zero friction, document automation software is the solution for you.

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