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Everything You Should Know Before Hiring a Vue.js Developer in 2024

According to a 2022 Gallup survey, 8 in 10 people are now working hybrid or fully remote. It can’t be denied that the work environment is changing, and software development is one of the most innovative industries.

Likewise, numerous countries like Ukraine have understood this alteration and developed their IT workforce to provide professional engineers to a high-demanding global market. That being said, if you need to hire a Vue.js developer nowadays, you can hire someone from any part of the world.

On the flip side, Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Accordingly, the demand for hiring experienced Vue.js professionals is high.

This article examines the average salaries of Vue.js developers worldwide and the different hiring models. Let’s dive deeper into the framework’s popularity and how it affects your hiring process.

Senior VueJS Progreammers

Why Does Your Company Need Vue.js Developers?

Vue.js developers are skilled in building graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for websites and single-page applications. They are proficient in HTML and CSS and can easily integrate other technologies with the framework.

The framework was built as a “lightweight version” of Angular, so the code written by Vue.js developers is simpler and more concise compared to code written in other JavaScript frameworks. Moreover, its component-based architecture allows for extending basic HTML elements to encapsulate reusable code. Vue.js developers also improve performance by utilizing Vue’s reactivity system and optimized re-rendering through the virtual DOM (document object model) render functions. When the app state changes, the framework calculates the minimal number of components to re-render and applies the minimum amount of DOM manipulations.

Furthermore, Vue.js is easy to learn for developers who are already familiar with other JavaScript frameworks, and its vibrant community and comprehensive documentation contribute to developers’ growth.

How Popular Is Vue.js and How Does This Influence the Hiring Process? 

The framework is used by companies and platforms like Netflix, Apple, Grammarly, 9GAG, and Gitlab. In addition, according to the Stack Overflow 2023 survey, Vue.js is in the top ten when it comes to the most popular frameworks among developers after React.js, Angular.js, and Django.

React.js and Vue.js are similar, so it’s difficult to say which framework is better. One of the main differences where React.js is stronger than Vue.js is Native development. React Native allows the creation of native Android and iOS apps solely with the help of React.js components themselves. When for mobile app development, Vue Native uses the user interface (UI) framework Weex—a framework for creating high-performance cross-platform applications for iOS and Android.

For the last few years, Vue.js has been rising on the chart of best-known frameworks. Additionally, those engineers who mastered this framework typically earned 6.3% more than the worldwide average.

Salary increase based on frameworks known
Source: HackerRank

However, how does this framework’s popularity affect your hiring process? The demand for experienced Vue.js developers makes it harder to find a top-tier yet affordable engineer. However, different models can help you achieve that.

In-house hiring in the US Staff augmentation via YouTeam Freelance contractor on Upwork
Average monthly payment to Senior Vue.js Developer $11,600 $8,000 $8,400
Extra costs for the company Taxes, bonuses, non-financial benefits, office rent, and support YouTeam commission Upwork commission
Hiring costs HR costs, job promotional ads YouTeam does candidates’ sourcing and assists with interviews for free Managers’ time for candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing

Source: Glassdoor, YouTeam, Upwork

Thus, to make your next hiring process successful, we gradually explore the information you should know before hiring a Vue.js professional. Let’s start by examining the Vue.js average salaries in different countries.

What Are Vue.js Developer Salaries Worldwide?

Even though there are professional Vue.js developers worldwide, there are vast differences in their salaries. Let’s explore those salary differences and analyze how these variations help you hire a top-tier engineer at a better price.

Offshore VueJS development price

Average Vue.js Developer’s Salaries in North and Latin America

As with most professionals, Vue.js developers based in the US have the highest average salaries worldwide. For example, as of 2024, a Vue.js software engineer in the US earns approximately $124K per year. Of course, this average salary has everything to do with the living cost in the US, demand, and more.

On the flip side, Latin American countries have a lower cost of living  and brisker competition. For these reasons, and even though countries like Mexico are well known for their professional programmers, the average salaries are lower. For instance, Vue.js developers in Mexico earn around $42K per year. Please note that the average salary is about half that of the salary of a senior developer with good English and years of experience.

Country Junior Vue.js Developer, $ Middle Vue.js Developer, $ Senior Vue.js Developer, $
Mexico $26,000 $42,000 $75,000
Brazil $18,000 $45,000 $81,000
Costa Rica $27,000 $39,000 $61,000
Uruguay $17,000 $26,000 $58,000
Colombia $16,000 $27,000 $62,000

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale

Average Vue.js Developer Salary in Europe

The same situation appears between Western and Eastern European countries. For example, countries like Germany and the UK have much higher costs of living than Ukraine and, therefore, higher wages.

For instance, a top-tier Vue.js engineer in Germany earns up to $68K per year, and a software developer in London, around $57K. On the other side of Europe, the average wages are lower. Even though countries like Ukraine offer top-tier developers and have invested in their IT workforce, the salary differences are substantial.

For example, a developer in Ukraine makes around $27K per year, and a Bulgarian Vue.js engineer earns around $50K per year. Again, keep in mind that a high-quality developer earns a few times more than an average one.

Country Junior Vue.js Developer, $ Middle Vue.js Developer, $ Senior Vue.js Developer, $
The UK $37,000 $57,000 $93,000
Germany $32,000 $68,000 $85,000
Czech Republic $21,000 $41,000 $81,000
Poland $24,000 $55,000 $76,000
Ukraine $16,000 $27,000 $54,000

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale

Average Vue.js Programmer Salary in Africa and Asia

African and Asian countries (e.g., India and South Africa) have some of the lowest average salaries. Unlike salaries in Western Europe and the US, Vue.js developers in India have an average salary of $12K every year. Likewise, in Egypt, an experienced developer earns around $21 per year.

Country Junior Vue.js Developer, $ Middle Vue.js Developer, $ Senior Vue.js Developer, $
India $5,000 $12,000 $32,000
China $23,000 $40,000 $61,000
Philippines $12,000 $28,000 $47,000
South Africa $24,000 $46,000 $81,000
Egypt $13,000 $21,000 $36,000
Kenya $6,000 $15,000 $31,000

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale

How Can Salary Information Benefit Your Hiring Process? 

Now that we have explored the average Vue.js salaries worldwide, let’s find out how you can utilize this information before hiring a developer. A few years ago, knowing the average salaries of different countries wouldn’t have been of much use. However, the world is changing, and hiring remotely is now easier than ever.

This is the main reason why a vast number of companies based in countries like the USA or Western Europe prefer to hire remotely through innovative models like staff augmentation. Thus, if you want to hire a professional Vue.js developer but can’t afford a US web application development team, there are different ways of hiring.

Let’s explore different solutions that help you hire a top-tier engineer at a reasonable price.

Hiring a Vue.js Developer: Different Hiring Models

Familiarizing yourself with worldwide salaries is only the first step in a successful hiring process. As mentioned above, there are different hiring or engagement models to choose from when hiring Vue.js developers nowadays. Based on geography and type of engagement, you can now adjust your hiring process to meet your company’s needs.

All models have their pros and cons—it all comes down to what you need. Let’s have a look at each hiring model, starting with geographical solutions.

Hiring a Vue.js Developer: Options Based on Geography

If you need to hire a Vue.js developer for a new software project, you have three options based on geography: hire local talent, a nearshore developer, or an offshore engineer/dev team.

Hiring local talent

Choosing to hire a local developer is the traditional hiring model, where you hire from the local talent pool. If your company chooses to hire a Vue.js developer in this way, there are numerous places to look for a reliable specialist. Most US companies advertise job positions on job boards such as Wellfound and Glassdoor.com.

Additionally, you can also host a tech event (hackathon or tech conference) to attract and check each candidate. This is a smart thing to do if you want to have the final word on your local hiring process. Finally, you can utilize a headhunting company or your HR services.

Hiring nearshore and offshore developers

On the flip side, hiring a nearshore/offshore developer is an innovative way of hiring. When a company chooses to hire nearshore or offshore Vue.js developers, they are not limited by the local talent market. It’s even fair to say that they have unlimited options. A crucial thing to keep in mind when hiring is to select professional Vue.js developers that have built a reputation (positive reviews).

This is why most US companies choose to hire developers remotely via B2B online platforms such as Clutch and G2. These review platforms ensure that your next Vue.js developer has the skills, experience, and reputation you need.

Another way (that only applies to hiring nearshore developers) is your company’s participation in regional hackathons or tech conferences.

Hiring a Vue.js Framework Developer: Solutions Based on Cooperation Type

Apart from the options based on geography, you can choose the best type of developer engagement for your company. When looking for a Vue.js developer, you can select what kind of cooperation fits your needs best.

The main cooperation types are in-house development, staff augmentation, freelancing, and outsourcing.

In-house Development

As you might imagine, in-house development is the traditional employment model. By hiring an in-house worker for the Vue.js development project, you add a professional engineer to your permanent team. Thus, your developer becomes a part of the team and has a monthly salary and other benefits. This type of hiring does not fit if you are looking for a part-time Vue.js developer to finish work with a limited scope.

Of course, that also means you have to pay all the benefits that accompany a salary (financial and non-financial). This is a great yet expensive solution for those who need someone to work from their business office. Therefore, you have to find a developer by searching the local talent market (see above).

Staff Augmentation

With staff augmentation, you choose a professional Vue.js developer who is employed by an outsourcing development company. The developer becomes a full-time team member for a limited period, even though they are located in another country and legally employed by another company.

This model is a smart alternative to local hiring. So when you need dedicated Vue.js developers to work on your projects temporarily, staff augmentation is simply the best way to go.

To make the most of this hiring model, we recommend hiring via YouTeam. YouTeam partners with trusted dev shops that offer their engineering resources through their marketplace. They help you hire a professional engineer quickly and easily because they have access to resources and talent from 500+ companies. The developers are top-tier, vetted by the platform, and located throughout the world. As one of the most trustworthy and affordable solutions, staff augmentation is extremely popular for both startups and established companies from various countries and time zones.

How Much Do Vue.js Developers Charge Per Hour?

These are the hourly rates of Vue.js developers working in Eastern Europe and Latin America, according to developer profiles on YouTeam.

Minimal Rate Average Rate Maximal Rate
Junior VueJS Developer $19 $35 $96
Middle VueJS Developer $21 $42 $105
Senior VueJS Developer $30 $50 $150

Source: YouTeam

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Like staff augmentation, freelancing is another alternative type of cooperation. By hiring a freelancer, you temporarily add an individual developer to your team.

Usually, companies prefer to hire a full-stack developer or a specialist with strong expertise so that one single freelancer can handle a comprehensive task. Otherwise, companies must hire a varying number of developers to ensure they have the skill set to meet the complexity of their tasks.

There are numerous platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal that allow you to hire a freelancer.

Freelancers only get paid once the project is finished. Therefore, in most cases, this is the most affordable hiring solution, mainly due to the freelancing platforms’ extreme competition.

However, freelancing does have its challenges. For instance, many companies complain about delays or project cancellations.

As a result, companies typically only hire freelancers for smaller projects or when they need to add minor features or fix some bugs. Therefore, they reserve most larger projects requiring high-quality development solutions for more permanent developers or for freelancers with whom they have experience.


Outsourcing is similar to staff augmentation.

There are many outsourcing companies providing Vue.js development services. Some of them already have free resources who can start working on your project immediately, others can offer to hire engineers specifically for your development project. As a result, all you have to do is conduct the final interviews. Once you make your selection, the developer(s) start working on your projects remotely. However, this method has its pros and cons.

When we say “outsourcing,” we mean a dedicated team of front-end and back-end developers, designers, QA engineers, and even a project manager who work together on your task with a limited scope of work. Of course, team composition varies depending on your needs, but in most cases, this is a typical configuration.

One definite benefit of this model is the ability to get things done quickly without too much project management.

One typical disadvantage is a situation when an outsourcing company tries to convince you that you need more team members than you need to complete a task. So what they try to do is upsell you more specialists than needed (especially Junior developers and PMs who control all development processes). This, of course, increases your labor costs—and their commissions.

Comparing Vue.js Developers Expertise: US vs. Europe vs. Asia

Although we analyzed why remote hiring models are better for your business, many companies are afraid of more affordable engineers. For this reason, it is essential to explore if the more affordable developers from countries like Ukraine or India have the hard skills you need for your Vue.js projects.

To answer this question reasonably quickly, countries like Ukraine not only have great developers but, in many cases, those developers have a better IT score than engineers from countries like the US.

According to Hackerrank research, Ukrainian developers ranked 11th on the platform’s scoreboard, with an excellent score of 88.7% across all challenges. On the other hand, US developers ranked 28th, and Indian engineers 31st.

Therefore, what does that mean for your hiring process? It becomes evident that countries like Ukraine and Mexico have an experienced, top-tier IT workforce. For that to be clear, we have also created a table. In this way, we will examine some other crucial hiring parameters like time convenience and English proficiency.

The US Ukraine India
Vue.js Salary $119K $40K $28K
Time Convenience Perfect for the Americas. Real-time collaboration with Western European countries and ½ day overlap with the US.  Big time differences between European countries and the US. Suitable for Australia.
English Proficiency Native  Intermediate to High level of English Basic to High level of English
Skills Ranked 28th Ranked 11th Ranked 31st

Must-Ask Questions When Interviewing a Vue.js Engineer

Suppose you choose to hire a Vue.js engineer via staff augmentation. How can you ensure the developer has all the skills and years of experience you need for your next development project? The best way to do that is via an online interview. There are two different categories of questions you should always ask when interviewing a Vue.js developer:

  • Hard skills: It is crucial first to verify that the developer has the technical skills you need. Asking general questions about Vue.js and more technical queries helps you do that. Not necessarily all of these questions will be related to the framework itself. It would be best if you asked questions about their previous work experience, as well. Your task is to determine the methodologies and tools they used in previous projects, as well as coding peculiarities.

A list of questions for Vue.js interview questions (with answers) on GitHub.

  • Soft skills: Examining a candidate’s skill set is only one step of the interview. Therefore, you should ask questions to ensure they are a good cultural fit and have the personal qualities to work comfortably on your team. It is very important to make sure that each candidate is a great team player, an enthusiast who loves what they do, and a suitable fit for your company.

A list of questions for a soft-skills interview.

Why Is YouTeam the Best Platform to Help You Hire Vue.js Developers?

As mentioned above, staff augmentation is an amazing, flexible hiring model. Thus, if you want to hire a Vue.js developer through staff augmentation and a flexible outsourced plan, YouTeam is the best platform to help you do that:

  • Unlimited options: YouTeam allows you to find the best dev individuals and teams in no time. Our company has the best developers from Eastern Europe and South America.
  • Fill positions fast: Sourcing candidates on YouTeam is quick—less than 48 hours.
  • Hire top-tier developers: Although our vetted engineers are not freelancers, the YouTeam platform allows you to have the final choice when it comes to hiring. Thus, you can conduct interviews with as many developers as you need. In this way, you can check their skill sets and find the best Vue.js developer for your business.
  • No hidden costs for our clients: When you choose to hire a Vue.js developer through YouTeam, the sourcing and interview process is completely risk-free.
  • Numerous good reviews from previous clients: By exploring our platform, you can check all the reasons why YouTeam is the best choice. Our clients fully trust our vetting process and choose to stay with YouTeam after trying our matching service.


Vue.js is one of the most popular frameworks. Due to its popularity, finding and hiring an experienced Vue.js developer is challenging. However, this article analyzed alternative solutions you have when it comes to hiring software engineers.

Accordingly, we concluded that hiring an (experienced and cost-effective) outsourced developer from countries like Ukraine is the smartest solution. With staff augmentation, your business will save money, and you will easily add a professional Vue.js engineer to your team.

Finally, we determined that due to the platform’s vast number of vetted professionals, the numerous positive reviews, and its flexibility, YouTeam is the best platform for hiring through staff augmentation.

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