16 Hacks for Start-ups Everyone Should Know About

Top Discounts & Free tools for start-ups. Save up to $120K

For more than ten months, we’ve been working on our platform to help businesses fast and easy hire software engineers. Building a platform is hard as you have to satisfy the needs of both sides, especially when you don’t have enough resources at early stages.

That’s why we continuously are searching for specific programs, discounts and special offers that are aimed at helping startups to grow fast and scale rapidly. Some of them we found useful indeed. For example, only on AWS, we saved $5,000. So we collected all such startup programs available online that we were considering for our own startup. Now we want to share this list with you (smile).

Hope it will be helpful for your startup endeavour!

Development services:

    1. YouTeam – 40 free development hours for free ($1200 value)


    1. Amazon Activate – from $600 to $15 000 free credits.


    1. IBM Cloud Credits – up to $10 000 free credits for services.


    1. BizSpark – from $150 to $120 000 of cloud services credits.


    1. Google Cloud Partner – from $20 000 to $100 000 in credits for 1 year. + free G suite (max 10 people, value for $600/month).


  1. Oracle – free credits on Oracle Cloud, world-class mentoring and advising, state-of-the-art technology, coworking space, access to Oracle customers and partners, access to investors.

Marketing services:

1. HubSpot for Start-ups90% discount for all packages.

2. Intercom for early-stage$49 per month instead of $99 ($600 savings per year)

3. Typeform Discount for students, teachers and NGO

4. GrowSumo $150 per month instead of $300 for 6 months ($900 saving)

5. SendPulse $5,000 grant for email marketing development.

6. MailChimp from $2500 to $5000 in credits.

7. ZenDesk credit is worth $117 for 12 months. Equivalent to 3 seats on the Team plan and 3 seats on the Live Chat Basic plan. ($1404 total value).

For non-profit organizations/start-ups:

1. Google for non-profits$10 000 in free ad credits, free G suite, youtube program, google earth outreach.

2. Facebook for non-profitsNonprofits on Facebook gives non-profit organizations the tools and ideas to engage people in their causes and amplify their goals.

16 Hacks for Start-ups that can save you $124 678

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