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Volodymyr O.

Experienced Android developer with 4+ years in software...

Talented and highly experienced software professional with 4+ years of experience in mobile development. Over career...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$84,672$80,438 / Year
$7,056$6,703 / Month
$42 / Hour

Olga S.

Senior lever Front End Developer (Vue.js)

Versatile Front-end Developer with 5+ years of experience designing, developing, and managing complex SPA sites...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$70,560 / Year
$5,880 / Month
$35 / Hour

Eugene A.

Proactive React Native Developer

Accomplished Mobile Application Developer who is able to create mobile applications for every mobile software...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$70,560 / Year
$5,880 / Month
$35 / Hour

Eugene T.

NodeJS / ReactJS / AngularJS Fullstack Developer who has...

Accomplished Node JS / ReactJS Fullstack Application Developer who is able to create and support web applications of...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$90,720 / Year
$7,560 / Month
$45 / Hour

Vladislav T.

Ruby on Rails developer with experience in both back-end...

Vlad is a middle Ruby on Rails developer responsible for creating code that enables databases and web applications to...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$90,720 / Year
$7,560 / Month
$45 / Hour

Roman K.

IOS developer with more than 6 years of experience in...

I have been working with iOS mobile platform for about 7 years till now (and it's only commercial experience). I like...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$70,560$63,504 / Year
$5,880 / Month
$35 / Hour

Oleh H.

PHP Architect, tech lead, full-stack developer with more...

I consider myself as a talented and very experienced developer. During my 10 years of involvement in developing, I...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$76,749$69,074 / Year
$6,396 / Month
$38 / Hour

Viacheslav M.

Full-stack Ruby on Rails/React Developer with the...

Full-stack Ruby on Rails/React developer, who is eager to write clean, efficient, and accessible code using modern...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$70,560$67,032 / Year
$5,880 / Month
$35 / Hour

Krzysztof M.

Result-oriented Front-End Developer with some experience...

Programmer with four years of professional experience, mostly as a front-end developer. Has an extensive experience...
UTC+01:00 (Europe/Warsaw)
$101K / Year
$8,400 / Month
$50 / Hour

Alexey K.

Senior Full Stack developer. Web / Mobile / Blockchain...

Over the past 12 years, I have developed and delivered numerous web applications using JavaScript, React.js, Redux,...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$90,720 / Year
$7,560 / Month
$45 / Hour

Max C.

Frontend senior developer with strong experience in...

I am a highly focused and motivated software developer with 7+ years of experience. I have been participating in a...
UTC+00:00 (Europe/London)
$84,672$82,132 / Year
$7,056 / Month
$42 / Hour

Yaroslav D.

Yaroslav is a frontend developer with a demonstrated...

I'm a specialist with four years of experience, with a strong focus on front-end development. I took part in code...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$90,720$81,648 / Year
$7,560$7,182 / Month
$45 / Hour

Andrey R.

.NET developer is capable of handling many aspects of the...

Experienced .Net Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Andrey creates...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$90,720$81,648 / Year
$7,560$7,182 / Month
$45 / Hour

Andrii A.

Senior Ruby on Rails and React Full Stack Developer who...

Development experience starting in 2012. Knowledge of applications development, architectural vision. Ruby/Ruby on...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Tallinn)
$103K$84,309 / Year
$8,568 / Month
$51 / Hour

Renat S.

Java developer who worked on a project developing...

Renat has a strong knowledge of application development, designing solutions and ability to cope with complex tasks....
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$131K$107K / Year
$10,920 / Month
$65 / Hour

Allan F.

Senior Java Developer who worked on a healthcare startup...

Development experience starting in 2012. Allan has a strong knowledge of application development, designing...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$119K$97,534 / Year
$9,912 / Month
$59 / Hour

Zorian F.

Java / Node.js / React.js / Full Stack Engineer with...

Full Stack Engineer with around 6 years of experience in full project lifecycle development. I have a solid...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$129K / Year
$10,752 / Month
$64 / Hour

Ihor S.

Java / Node.js / Angular /Full Stack Engineer Has a wide...

Full Stack Engineer with over 5 years of proven experience in full software development life cycle, object-oriented...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$111K$105K / Year
$9,240 / Month
$55 / Hour

Ten G.

Fantastic skills in HTML/CSS with various frameworks. Has...

I can do almost everything that is possible with HTML/CSS
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$56,448 / Year
$4,704 / Month
$28 / Hour

Maciek K.

Python programmer, backend and frontend developer with...

UTC+01:00 (Europe/Warsaw)
$151K / Year
$12,600 / Month
$75 / Hour

Pavel I.

Full Stack JavaScript expert with 6+ years experience...

A hard-working and highly proficient engineer with over 6 years of experience and a genuine passion for web and...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$101K$90,720 / Year
$8,400 / Month
$50 / Hour

Denys Y.

Senior CERTIFIED Full Stack Magento Developer with...

I am a certified full-stack Magento developer with 5+ years of successful experience in developing complex projects...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$101K / Year
$8,400 / Month
$50 / Hour

Slava F.

A fullstack developer (Python/Django, PHP/CodeIgniter)...

"Backend developer with 8+ years of web development experience. List of projects I worked on includes internet...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$80,640 / Year
$6,720 / Month
$40 / Hour

Artyom V.

PHP Developer skilled in Laravel (PHP) who has a clinic...

I am an experienced middle PHP developer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in...
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
$80,640 / Year
$6,720 / Month
$40 / Hour

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