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Python back-end developer in a field of web-oriented applications
5+ years IT professional in backend Python based web development in a field of web-oriented applications for startups, midsize businesses and large enterprises from various industries. Have fully and...
8 Projects completed
GMT+3 Middle East
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Updated: 20 Jul 2018
Senior C++ Software Developer, Kernel Native Windows developer
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Updated: 20 Jul 2018
Senior iOS developer with 7+ years experience in IT industry. Team Lead
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Updated: 20 Jul 2018
Ruby on Rails developer with 3 years experience
OOP programming; MVC paradigm; API + JSON; REST and HTTP protocol; HTML5; React; RDBMS: PostgreSQL; MySQL; Services: Cloudinary; Google API; S3; OAuth2 social networks; Liqpay; Github /Bitbucket.
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GMT+2 East Europe
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 20 Jul 2018

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How to Hire a Great API Development Specialist

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of tools that define how the software components should communicate and interact with each other. Besides, an API makes it possible for a developer to communicate with servers and get specific data by using requests and calls. But the most powerful feature of API’s is that they allow the developers to create apps which request data from multiple sources, such as Facebook or Google Maps. That is why qualified API development specialists would be a valuable addition to any software development project team. But how to define the level of professionalism when interviewing an API developer? Let’s find out which skills and knowledge you should look for.

Skills of a Great API Development Specialist

Please note that nowadays most companies prefer REST API’s over SOAP API’s due to their simplicity, so we will be using the skills of a REST API developer in our example skillset.

When preparing to interview an API programmer, keep in mind the following skills:

  •    Strong development experience in producing RESTful API’s.
  •    Fluency in programming languages (depending on your project), typically Java, C#/ASP.NET.
  •    Understanding of J2EE server-side technologies, such as JMS, JAX-WS, CXF, etc.
  •    Familiarity with design principles and best practices that should be applied during the REST API implementation.
  •    Understanding of the Developer Experience (DX) principles.
  •    Understanding of JSON and XML structured data formats.
  •    Experience with API documentation/design frameworks, such as Swagger/Open API. Ability to create self-documented API’s.
  •    Fluency in API modeling languages, such as YAML.
  •    Deep knowledge of API lifecycle management platforms.
  •    Proficiency in developing API’s for both internal and external use.
  •    Experience in securing API’s with token-based authorization by using Oauth, Open ID Connect, SAML, etc.
  •    Sound knowledge of integration tools, such as API Management, B2B Gateway, Enterprise Service Bus, etc.
  •    Experience with API testing and test automation.

The hiring and shortlisting process may be quite tedious, so we hope that the example skills outlined in this article will help. With this skillset in mind, it will be easier for you to interview API development specialists and select the candidate that is a perfect fit for your project.