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Full-stack developer with decent background in Ruby on Rails app development
A hard-working and highly proficient engineer with over 4 years of experience and genuine passion for web development. Effectively combines requirements management, web development, and optimization s...
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Updated: 16 Feb 2018
Android developer with a wide level of development experience.
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Updated: 25 Jan 2018
Java/Android Developer
I am a mobile developer with years of extensive experience in Android and Java development. I have developed a lots of apps such as social media, fitness & health, shopping app, location app etc. I...
English: Advanced
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Updated: 28 Feb 2018
Android & Integration Developer. Building android apps from scratch, planning app architecture, bug fixing, code reviewing and refactoring
I’m a Java developer with 4+ years of experience. Currently I am concentrated on Android apps development. I worked on video streaming android app with more then 100 000 installations. I took part in...
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Updated: 07 Mar 2018
I'm a full stack developer with decent backend expertise, specialized in mobile apps building for iOS & Android platforms.
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Updated: 04 Apr 2018
Solidity Developer
Blockchain Smart Contracts developer. In 2017 I have switched to Blockchain from mobile development. I have completed multiple Blockchain and Ethereum development courses. I have also 4+ years profes...
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Updated: 30 Jan 2018
Front end developer, React.JS / React Native / JavaScript
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Updated: 12 Apr 2018

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