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Ruslan V.
.Net and C# developer
Has relevant skills to your project request:
.NET 3 years
C# 3 years
ASP.NET 3 years
ASP.NET MVC 3 years
JavaScript 2 years
HTML 3 years
1 project
Main Clock UTC+02:00
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Stanislav Z.
.Net/C-sharp developer
Has relevant skills to your project request:
ASP.NET 3 years
.NET 3 years
C# 3 years
SQL 3 years
C++ 2 years
Main Clock UTC+02:00
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Alex K.
Senior iOS Developer and a Team Lead (Swift/Objective-C)
-9 years of working experience with the iOS platform, deploying high-level iOS-based applications -Expert in ...
Has relevant skills to your project request:
Xcode 9 years
Swift 6 years
Objective-C 9 years
iOS 9 years
iOS SDK 9 years
9 projects
Main Clock UTC+02:00
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Vladimir Y.
C# and Java enterprise developer specialized on web and windows applications
Coder with 12 years of experience in software development. Have a good skills in enterprise applications devel...
Has relevant skills to your project request:
JavaScript 4 years
.NET 10 years
J2EE 6 years
Java 10 years
.NET Core 3 years
16 projects
Main Clock UTC+02:00
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Vyacheslav Z.
19 years of software development experience, 9 years of C# and 3 years of project management experience
Project management experience on a project of 5 people on our side with complicated healthcare project combini...
Has relevant skills to your project request:
C# 9 years
Visual Basic 10 years
4 projects
Main Clock UTC+02:00
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Dmitry H.
iOS/AR Developer
- Dmitry is a talented programmer and a real expert in native iOS development - 5 years of experience in stro...
Has relevant skills to your project request:
iOS 6 years
Swift 6 years
AR 1 year
2 projects
Main Clock UTC+01:00
Location Map Pin Serbia
Aleksandar R.
Middle Software developer
Software developer with 5 years of experience, Developing and maintaining ADMS outage management software feat...
Has relevant skills to your project request:
.NET 5 years
1 project
Main Clock UTC+02:00
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Artem M.
Senior/Lead developer with 9+ year of experience in iOS development
● 9+ year of experience in iOS development ● Experience in developing applications using Swift , Objective-C...
Has relevant skills to your project request:
Objective-C 8 years
Swift 4 years
iOS SDK 8 years
RxSwift 3 years
iOS 8 years
AWS 4 years
14 projects
Main Clock UTC+02:00
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Sergey S.
Senior iOS Developer
6+ years of commercial experience in IT. Experience in developing applications using Objective C, Swift. Exc...
Has relevant skills to your project request:
iOS 6 years
Swift 5 years
Objective-C 6 years
iOS SDK 6 years
ARKit 2 years
CoreData 6 years
10 projects
Main Clock UTC+02:00
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Oleg P.
Middle+ iOS developer with 4+ years expertise
I have good OOP / OOD knowledge as well as knowledge of programming patterns and the ability to apply them in ...
Has relevant skills to your project request:
Swift 4 years
Objective-C 2 years
VIPER 2 years
Unit Testing 2 years
Google API 3 years
UIKit 3 years
3 projects

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Useful Tips for Finding and Hiring the C++ Developer

Trying to find good C++ developers without going broke, you will face a number of difficulties. There are dozens of fancy CVs of candidates with minimal experience in fact while top experts either are already busy building their own startup or are too expensive. In this article, we gathered some tips for those who need help with their search for C++ developer within a reasonable budget.

Where and how to hire a С++ programmer?

Your primary goal here is to attract the attention of developers who suit your needs the best. Formulate a simple but interesting, appealing job description. The composed post can be distributed in several ways:

  • Through job search sites for freelancers.
  • Through personal communication: try to convey this information to your professional and personal contacts.
  • Through communication with students. Try to attend career days organized in universities dedicated to specialities you are interested in, and leave ads on bulletin boards in universities.

Wherever you are looking for a candidate, remember you don’t need to provide all details of your project in advance. disclose your idea completely,  Describe only the most important issues. Find out if the candidate has the required skills, ask for recommendations or a portfolio.

Now that you, hopefully, took a number of C++ programmers into consideration, a question appears as to how to choose the best one? If it’s impossible to meet everyone personally, schedule a video interview via Skype or Hangouts.During the interview, be sure to ask if a candidate has certain skills within the same industry you need. Here are our recommended top five skills your pro C++ developer should possess.

  • Knowledge of OOPS concepts
    Concepts such as inheritance, data binding, polymorphism etc. must be all figured out by a promising candidate. That is a kind of guarantee that the potential employee is ready to take on an in-depth approach and advance their expert knowledge.
  • STL (Standard Template Library) functions
    A proper understanding of all three components of STL: containers, algorithms and iterator indicates a quite advanced level of professional C++ expertise. Complex yet showing a great developmental potential, these concepts (their proper implementation employment, in particular) can help your company pave the way for the development of innovation and advanced software indeed.  
  • Pointers & Smart Pointers
    A pointer is a variable whose value is the address of another variable, i.e., direct address of the memory location. Smart pointers help ensure that programs are free of memory and resource leaks and are exception-safe. We recommend making sure that a candidate is closely familiar with those.
  • Analytical thinking skills
    Last but not least. The good C++ developer must be able to think in an extraordinary way. The analytical thinking skills include data analysis, qualitative info research and critical thinking. All that helps a developer make difficult decisions and solve complex technical problems fast and easy.   

Not only standard check of technical skills, industry experience, project portfolios, and code samples are crucial. Try also ask some additional questions such as:

  • If I talk to your previous employers, what could they tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you currently working on something?
  • What websites and blogs do you visit regularly?
  • Describe the process of how do you usually solve a new problem?
  • How do you report on your work progress?

Although it may be more comfortable for you to communicate by email, do not make the final choice without speaking to a candidate on Skype, Google Talk, etc. It would be much easier to discover and analyze their attitude towards an offered position via voice communication.

Pay special attention to the candidate’s completed projects and portfolio. It is best to hire a developer who has already worked on something similar to your project. Also, make sure that the candidates are competent enough in terms of organizing their work environment and are able to meet the deadlines.

You are almost there – finally, you have found an excellent C++ programmer with whom you can not wait to get started. But before you start, try to test his expertise in practice. Entrust the developer with a small test task related to your project but complex enough to test his skills and style of work.

Hire a programmer only if the code is really good, done on time, and you are satisfied with how the work and communication during the workflow went. Although you may be tempted to start working immediately, remember that you need to protect your project’s concept. It is very unlikely that the developer will try to steal the code, but still, better ask them to sign the NDA or include related paragraphs into your software contract.