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Stanislav Z.

.Net/C-sharp developer

UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
$50,400 / Year
$4,200 / Month
$25 / Hour

Felipe L.

Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience and AI...

A highly organized IT professional who has a proven track record of using good engineering practice to produce...
UTC-03:00 (America/Montevideo)
$103K / Year
$8,568 / Month
$51 / Hour

Oleksiy B.

Senior full-stack Ruby, Ruby on Rails developer with...

I have experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Amazon Services, My SQL, HTML, CSS, etc. I have worked with Java,...
UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
$98,784$88,906 / Year
$8,232$8,067 / Month
$49 / Hour

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How To Hire A Decent C# developer?

C# is a fairly old programming language used by a colossal number of programmers. Does that mean that the competition on the C# job market is high? Yes, it does. And it also means that a reasonable decision for an ambitious IT-company would be to look for the “best-of-the-best” among the candidates. Below, you can find the recommendations that hopefully will help you find the perfect employee for this position.

3 tips that will help you to find a good C# programmer

Adherence to these three rules can help you easily achieve the ultimate goal of hiring only competent C# programmers.

Make a proper list of requirements. As follows from the practice, there are some companies that don’t define any extra requirements in addition to the standard list of programming skills (such as experience in object-oriented programming, skills in MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, ASP.NET, knowledge of C++, Qt, Java, PHP, etc.). In particular, some companies also don’t include information regards concerning the product an engineer potentially work on or regards the whole scope of the planned engagement. Of course, we all expect that a really interested candidate will independently try to find out more about you. However, experienced C# developers with a solid CV and track record can afford to choose themselves where they want to work, and, if your vacancy post contains a vague description of the position, it is unlikely that it will attract worthy candidates. You are most likely to get a lot of CVs from candidates with the insufficient knowledge among which it would be difficult to find real professionals.

Prepare right questions for the interview. Even not the best specialists in software development can see the difference between this programming language and others (in particular, it can be specified in events, delegates, LINQ and generic types, development tools, formal exception handling, the ability to be compiled which depends on the platform, etc). Avoid standard questions that can be easily memorized. Also, make sure that your interviewee can write a clear and simple code that is easily read and scaled. The last thing you need to keep in mind is that the candidate should be able to seamlessly join the team and shouldn’t demotivate other developers. So, prepare some psychological questions to learn the candidate’s abilities in this regard as well.

Involve your own developers into the interview process. If you are not a good expert in C# yourself, it would be difficult for you to compile a full list of the interview questions that will help you understand who you are really dealing with – a beginner or an experienced professional. In addition, the candidate which you liked personally the most may not get accustomed to your team in the same way. Therefore, it would be more efficient to involve your own development team into verifying process. They will be able to check the level of technical knowledge of the applicant and will express an opinion about his/her personal qualities which can be important for working together in the long term. Also, the developers from your team can help you to identify some practical skills for speeding up the software development process (such “test” can be implemented by using the assignments which help to define the level of performance of the written code).

As you can see, in order to find a good C# developer, you need not only to create a perfect and detailed job description but also it is recommended to involve developers from your own team into the interview process. With such an integrated approach you can get the best result of your search efforts.