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Blockchain Developer | Corda | Hyperledger
In the past 4 years I was actively working on development and integration of Blockchain solutions. My expertise includes building crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies, extension of logistics and insur...
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Updated: 12 Oct 2018
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Updated: 04 Oct 2018
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Updated: 04 Oct 2018
Smart contracts and Blockchain developer, security audit, Bitshares, EOS, DAPPs, ERC20 tockens
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 02 Oct 2018

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This Is How You Interview an Ethereum Developer

Ethereum is an open-source smart contracts platform that generates the blockchain of ether, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin. ICO owners choose Ethereum because of its ease of use and lower fees as compared to Bitcoin, that’s why there are so many Ethereum developer jobs available nowadays.

An Ethereum developer is a software developer with deep knowledge of software development languages, tools and methodologies behind Ethereum as well as API integration with the Ethereum platform. Typical tasks of an Ethereum engineer include adding the Ethereum functionality to web apps or mobile apps through API integration.

If you need a new member for your Ethereum developer team, this article may interest you. Here we are going to talk about the must-have skills of professional Ethereum developers.

  • Blockchain technology and transactions. Ethereum is a home for blockchain technology, so in-depth knowledge of its working principles are a must for any Ethereum programmer.
  • Smart contracts. Smart contracts are the heart of Ethereum’s blockchain. The concept of smart contracts is quite complicated. Therefore, if your candidate demonstrates a solid knowledge of smart contracts and their working principles even beyond cryptocurrencies, this will increase their chances to get a position in your company.
  • Dapps, or decentralized apps. Most of the decentralized apps are Ethereum-based, so understanding of how their work is crucial for Ethereum engineers.
  • Solidity programming language. Ethereum features its own object-oriented, JavaScript-like programming language, which is used to create smart contacts with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Knowledge of Solidity is another important point to consider when hiring Ethereum developers.
  • Ethereum wallets. Working principles of Ethereum wallets and technologies that are used to encrypt the contents of a wallet definitely belong to skills that you should take into account when interviewing an Ethereum programmer.
  • Cryptography. Cryptography is a number one point to consider when working with cryptocurrency platforms because security breaches can lead to huge financial losses. That’s why you should ask your candidate whether they know the cryptography concepts, such as symmetric, asymmetric (pub/priv key), hash functions, and encryption/signatures.