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Senior full-stack ASP.NET / analytics developer
Yordan is a senior full-stack .NET developer with 7+ years of experience. He has worked on a multitude of projects and across a variety of challenges, with teams of all sizes. Holder of an engineerin...
3 Projects completed
GMT+1 West/Central Europe
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Updated: 15 Jun 2020
.NET programmer and database developer (Microsoft SQL Server)
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Updated: 05 Jun 2020
ASP.NET Guru with a decent background of leading teams
A positive, energetic and result-driven professional with a constant focus on genuine technology partnership. Have a proven record with 10+ years of experience in the IT industry, being involved in...
1 Project completed
GMT+2 East Europe
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Updated: 06 Sep 2019
Tech Lead React, Redux, Node.js development, experience in Human Resources & Career industry, Music & Audio, and Business Effectivity industries
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Updated: 26 Oct 2020

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Microsoft Expert Interviewing Essentials

Nowadays many companies partner with Microsoft and use Microsoft-based programming languages and technologies to develop their software products. Therefore, such companies need Microsoft qualified developers who will be able to work with Microsoft technologies and deliver the code that is compliant with Microsoft’s best practices.

Interviewing a Microsoft Expert: Tech Skills

Questions that you will ask Microsoft programmers during the technical interview will typically depend on your project requirements. However, the basic tech skills of a Microsoft programmer should be as follows:

  • Ability to understand and evaluate algorithms.
  • Fundamentals of object-oriented programming such as GoF patterns classification, OOD principles, SOLID principles, Cohesion/Coupling, etc.
  • Visual Studio. Visual Studio is a must-have suite of tools for developers working Microsoft products.  With this powerful IDE, Microsoft programmers write code, test, debug, deploy, and control the quality.
  • Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system that the developers specialising in Microsoft use to store the data. Besides, complex ERP and CRM systems use Microsoft SQL Server to retrieve the enterprise or customer-related data from the databases.
  • .NET. This cross-platform and open-source framework is used by Microsoft programmers to develop the backend for many different application types. .NET enables the Microsoft specialists to use multiple languages, libraries, and editors to build web, mobile, and desktop applications.
  • C#. This object-oriented language is the most common language for .NET framework programming and is used to develop applications for Microsoft platform. For example, applications that are based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM use C# for their APIs.
  • C/C++. The C and C++ languages are the core languages for Windows OS. Microsoft programmers use these languages to develop apps for Windows.
  • Windows PowerShell. This configuration management framework consists of a command-line shell and associated scripting language. Microsoft experts use Windows PowerShell to automate various tasks.

These are the key technologies, proper knowledge of which should be demonstrated by your Microsoft specialists candidate. Other technical interview questions should be more project-specific. Nevertheless, we hope that you will find a perfect candidate for the Microsoft programmer role on your project.