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JavaScript / Angular / React.js developer
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Updated: 25 Apr 2018
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Updated: 15 May 2018
Front end developer, React.JS / React Native / JavaScript
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Updated: 12 Apr 2018
React.js Developer/Angular.js Developer/CTO
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Updated: 19 Apr 2018
Front end Web developer. Main stack: JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular 2, React.js, HTML, CSS
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Updated: 02 May 2018
Senior Full Stack developer with the decent background in Angular.JS / React.JS
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Updated: 16 Jan 2018
Web and Mobile front end developer with strong knowledge of JavaScript, React.js, Redux, React Native
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Updated: 28 Mar 2018

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Interviewing a ReactJS Developer: A Survival Guide

As of 2017, ReactJS is still among the most popular JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. Therefore, there is an ever-growing need for highly-qualified ReactJS developers. In this article, we are going to highlight the 20 key technical skills that you should spot when interviewing a ReactJS programmer.

Top 20 Tech Skills of a ReactJS Programmer

What is typically required from a ReactJS developer? Here is a list of more or less standard skills:

  1.  Knowledge of web development fundamentals: HTML, and CSS, and JavaScript.
  2.  Experience with CSS preprocessors and frameworks, such as SASS, LESS, BootStrap, etc.
  3.  Deep understanding of React.js, its core principles and differences from other JavaScript frameworks.
  4.  Familiarity with React Native (if your project involves mobile application development).
  5.  Hands-on experience with JavaScript, including the JavaScript object model and DOM manipulation.
  6.  Knowledge of JSX syntax.
  7.  Experience with popular React.js workflows and architectural patterns, such as Flux or Redux.
  8.  Familiarity with new specifications of EcmaScript.
  9.  Ability to transform the design wireframes into front-end code.
  10. In-depth understanding of algorithms, data structures, and system design.
  11. Expertise with data structure libraries, such as Immutable.js.
  12. Good knowledge of RxJS library for reactive programming.
  13. Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token.
  14. Experience with common front-end development tools, such as Webpack, Babel, NPM, etc.
  15. Understanding business requirements and ability to convert them into technical requirements.
  16. Knowledge of JavaScript-based building and automation tools, such as Grunt, Gulp, NPM, and Bower.
  17. Familiarity with responsive design and cross-browser compatibility principles.
  18. Familiarity with/experience in building and integrating REST APIs.
  19. Understanding of stateless components.
  20. Experience with unit testing frameworks.

Additionally, professional ReactJS programmers should have such soft skills as excellent communication skills and ability to learn quickly, because the front-end technologies are constantly evolving.

This is basically what you need to ask when interviewing a ReactJS developer. We hope that you will quickly find an ideal candidate and wish you good luck and happy hiring.