Mariya K.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Senior Technical Writer with comprehensive experience in creating software documentation. Reviewing and writing API documentation.
Comprehensive experience in creating software documentation (4 years), proofreading (3 years), UI localizations (2 years), and multi-language translations (6 years) using CAT tools and referencing to different style guides (Microsoft, Google, IBM, Yahoo!). Worked as the Technical Communicator in cloud tech, IT security, finances, and marketing. Being Product Manager, contributed to 3 projects: - SaaS cloud platform – by creating articles, managing backlog, generating leads via social networks (LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter), and improving website UI/UX. - APIdays conferences – by analyzing competitors, optimizing workflows, generated ideas, growing audience through social media; - Jira third-party software – by improving documentation, UI/UX, and generating ideas on product & design & marketing. Participated in organizing APIdays online conferences by researching and recruiting C-level technical talents from the companies of the Fortune-500 list.