Nikoloz J.
Location Map Pin Georgia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Asia/Tbilisi)
The candidate has 3 +n years in applicable analytics experience and degree at Agricultural University – Computer Science.
Most projects in which the candidate worked is heavily relied on big data, data management, complex pages. In which case were using state management, at first projects main state solution was provider but as a time goes by and pages were getting even more complex, started using Flutter Bloc design pattern as well. Also didnt use any native to Flutter wrapping. As a most impressive project Nikoloz worked with was his second ever app in Flutter mymarket.ge, this project was about selling and buying second-hand items online e commerce in other words. This project was challenging because of complexity of categories and data to filter (Search engine), online transactions implementing payments, cart and user platform as well. In the other hand as well project was well designed and completed with animations as well. Talking about AWS experience Nikoloz didn't get to work with it, just got idea about it and how it works.