Aileen V.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Monterrey)
Senior Front End Developer with over 7 years of experience.
-Senior developer with a great professional background as a web developer mainly on Front-end. Knowledgeable of Back-End as well. -Strong knowledge about React's world. -Worked as Faculty for a React workshop for beginners. -Development of UI reusable and high-quality code components for e-commerce website. -Team Lead and development of electron application for USA government using React and Redux-Saga with javascript best practices, JIRA, Test Driven Development, ES6, Redux form, Redux-Saga and latest React updates. -Honored as Machine Learning with TensorflowJS Women who Code, OpenSource Summit, kubeCon, Node Interactive, MesosCon, Speaker at "Semana del código". -Worked with multi-disciplinary teams conformed by people from other countries, -My most recent project is a total migration to the React project, implementing rules in react and typescript, the migration is ready to go close down.