Fernando D.
Location Map Pin Ecuador
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Guayaquil)
I'm a Senior iOS developer. I take special care on UX/UI best practices.
- Senior developer with 10+ years of experience on iOS development. - Accomplished to have a scholarship at the university for academic excellence. - Co-workers rely on me to provide technical advice. - Helped new co-workers to improve their skills in iOS development. - Managed to deliver great UI/UX mobile apps. - Worked with mobile card readers dealing with the EMV process. - Seeking to boost company productivity. - Worked with image processing for banking apps, checks' automatic capture for mobile deposit, and CMC7 recognition. - Created demos for new ideas and engaged new clients. - Developed disrupting banking apps resulting on more users using mobile banking. - Developed disrupting mobile POS (point of sale) app resulting on more small shops being able to do credit card transactions. - Guided the design of mobile apps resulting on better UX/UI.