Sarang S.
Location Map Pin Georgia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Asia/Tbilisi)
Senior React JS Engineer with 6 years of commercial experience
-Develop admin panels using premium React templates like Metronic and Jumbo React. -Develop Websites using SEO strategies with Google Search -Console and Google analytics using Next.js. -Building a React Native app using expo. -Using in my applications and using Keycloak or JWT -Experience with Building REST API using Express.js and MongoDB. -Mentored junior frontend developers, helping them solve issues and write optimized code. -Create React apps by using create-react-app and site with typescript and developing them by using Eslint and Sonarlint with clean code rules to improve my code quality. -Using different state managements like Redux, Redux toolkit, Redux Query, and context. -Create unit tests React.js pages and components by using jest. -Working with version control tools like Github and Gitlab. -Working with Swagger, Postman, and Insomnia for my developments. -Design pages and components based on Figma or Adobe XD.