Jorge Fernando C.
Location Map Pin Bolivia
Main Clock UTC-04:00 (America/La_Paz)
Senior Front-End Developer with experience using React and Wordpress
- A Senior Software Developer with strong knowledge and experience in the Front-End Development. - Adaptability and Flexibility to work on multiple frameworks. But lately with WordPress and ReactJS projects. - I have been working under agile methodologies Scrum and XP in conjunction with Pomodoro. - I have built a reputation as a very fast worker with high quality in terms of soft skills and website development. - In my experience with Search Engine Optimization, for 70% of websites that required this service we achieved an important position in major search engines (google, bing). - I'm a team player! I provide efficiency and quality from my many roles across different areas and for different teams, projects, or as a freelancer. Delivering satisfaction for the customers.