Anton M.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
A Middle PHP Developer with Front-End and SEO backgroung
Experienced Back-End Developer with good knowledge of Front-End part too. PERSONAL PROJECTS: - Developed with php-telegram-bot/core bot for searching and listening music from - Developed telegram bot with games, that I created/reworked/improved and adopted for playing in telegram(@slotovalik_bot it's inline, you must mention it, than leave 1 space and write any letter to see a list of games) ACHIEVEMENTS - Developed wordpress plugin to prevent banning websites by Roskomnadzor. Before implementing this plugin websites of in-house SEO team lived less then week before ban, after that time of living increased to 2+ months. - Developed CRM for in-house SEO team . Developed using Laravel and Vue, CRM for managing domains, tasks, tracking domains blocks/redirects/availability, scripts to shorten time and improve quality of work for in-house team in one place.