Geraldo D.
Location Map Pin Brazil
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Recife)
Front-end developer, with strong experience in React and React Native
I founded Nexus Developers with some friends of mine, where I stayed from 2018 until early 2020 I needed to take a break from my activities at the start-up and focused on my career as a developer. Later, I passed an interview to join the Thorpe Innovation team, and work on one of their main products, the Meow Consumer & Meow Provider. Miauu is an App where pet owners can find specialized service providers. I was also one of the finalists in a Hackathon, promoted by the College that lasted 48 hours, where my team and I developed a FullStack system very similar to Linkedin. I also was invited to be part of Avanade's team, and there I worked for two of their main clients (FIAT) and (OI), working with Angular and React Native. And in 2022, I decided to join the Locus team with the short term goal of becoming a Senior and the long term goal of becoming a Manager (Scrum Master or Tech Lead)