Ardit K.
Location Map Pin Albania
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Tirane)
Experienced Professional Backend Developer.Organized, motivated and self-driven individual software development.
I am an experienced back-end developer with five years of experience in developing different applications.Responsible for Designing and developing highly scalable and secure back-end systems for various platforms , optimizing and performance tuning large datasets. Involved in the design, analysis, development, testing, deployment, and support phase of the applications with monolith and microservice oriented architectural and structural. Experience of writing complex SQL queries. Experience of work with various data storage systems, both SQL and NoSQL. Technologies: PHP 4 years of experience (Laravel, Codeigniter) NodeJs 2 years of experience( express, nest, fastify) Java / Kotlin 2 years of experience(Android, Spring) Golang – hands on experience Databases: Mysql, SQLite, Postgres , MongoDB In memory databases: Redis Containerization: Docker , Kubernetes Software architectures : Monoliths , Microservices