Alejandro Peña L.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Mexico_City)
Middle Software Engineer with over 4 years of experience mainly with .Net, SQL, C#, and Javascript.
Some of my greatest achievements as a web developer include: 1.- I built a work shift visual component that was used to manage employee work shifts (including workdays and vacation periods) using only vanilla Javascript. 2.- I made a lot of improvements to a pre-payroll system. The core functionalities were built using SQL so I acquired experience handling SQL's complex logic. 3.- I collaborated on a project about facial recognition. It was a full ecosystem consisting of a Web app, a Web API, and an Android app. 4.- I collaborated on a project designed to ensure the quality of the products of any company. I implemented a lot of parts of the project but, one of the most interesting parts is being able to manage the authentication and authorization using OAuth. 5.- I redesigned a shared layout of my current project achieving an amazing design.