Paula V.
Location Map Pin Uruguay
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Montevideo)
Sr. Fullstack Developer Enthusiastic & technical profile who likes teamwork and achieving challenging objectives.
For more than 5 years he has been dedicated to the IT area in the development part. She started as a back end developer, then she migrated to front end. In her first projects she had contact with Angular and Ionic, but once she came in contact with React she was delighted and began to develop her career in this framework. Quickly, she started to learn about React Native as well. Most of the clients she worked with (in her respective companies) were in the banking industry, so she understands the needs of those clients, but she is more than open to explore other possibilities. In her current job she is developing a project for a client that has a virtual bank that buys/sells Cryptocurrencies. Besides developing in React and React Native, she also develops for the backend with Node Js and Solidity. She considers herself Jr even with Solidity, middle with Node and Senior in React and React Native.