Marcus G.
Location Map Pin Brazil
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Recife)
Full Stack Developer, with large experience in Python, Django and React.
- I built a secure environment in which employees of a company can communicate and discuss the major challenges they face daily. This was made possible by the creation of a secure chat app where users could send messages, files, images, and audio (2022); - I built a wedding-related digital product. After creating my wedding website, I decided to turn it into a SAAS digital product to help other couples improve their marriage experience (2022); - I cut infrastructure costs by using caching techniques (Memcached, Redis, CDN), partitioning the database into reading and writing, and creating asynchronous jobs with queues; - I encouraged software developers to use and consider automated testing more. I was able to demonstrate the importance of a well-tested code base through talks at tech events; - I led a project in the security niche with four developers. Making technology and software architecture decisions to improve value delivery (2021).