Carlos F.
Location Map Pin Argentina
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Argentina/Cordoba)
Passionate about new technologies, research, infrastructure and modeling of computer systems.
Experience in web application development, solid knowledge of client-server architecture. Good database management. Handling and knowledge of Firebase and Cloud Services AWS, GCP. DevOps Engineer: - Research and implementation of new technologies (for a more agile, simple and efficient development). - Research and implementation of Microservices architecture with AWS ECS. - Research and implementation of CI/CD using pipelines that pass a simple "push" to code running on ECS. - Migration of GCP to AWS. - Clustering of monolithic system using AWS ECS. - Implementation of CI/CD in clustered monolithic system. - Design and creation of monitoring and logging capabilities using AWS CloudWatch. * Main technologies used: Golang, Kubernetes, NodeJS, Java, Angular, React, Postgres, MySQL.