Tatiana F.
Location Map Pin Colombia
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Bogota)
QA Consultant
Through my career, I've been developing what I consider the top five soft skills in order to keep a long-term learning and growing path: 1. I am a resilient person, who can work well in changing environments, and ride out the ebbs and flows of daily issues. 2. I promote collaboration, so as a team member, I can not only successfully interact with my colleagues but work effectively with them. I know how to work cross-functionally to achieve results. 3. I consider myself an emotionally intelligent person. That has helped me not only know how to communicate but also perceive and read situations. 4. I'm an avid researcher, I take the initiative, and I consider myself a self-starter and someone who works to solve a problem before going to the stakeholders. 5. Last but not least, I'm a passionate and self-motivated person, always searching, for now, opportunities to share and acquire knowledge, create strong win-win relationships, and always willing to get the greater from me.