Yuriy Y.
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Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Architect, UX Designer, Musician, Patriot
For the last years, I have been leading a team of 5 designers and coders, an external SEO team, and an e-mail marketing specialist. I designed a strategy of KPI analytics for the website and e-mail marketing, improved and adopted the whole project for mobile visitors which led to an increase of mobile audience up to 62%. I prepared about 30 AB-tests for the most valuable parts of user flow and enhanced the knowledge about user needs for the design team (which also led to increases in the conversion rate). I'd like to work on a SaaS project, dealing with some technical, social, or medical environment. Works: Comfy.ua, Allo.ua, rozetka.ua, hrk.aero, Promodo, Ahrefs.com, Artmanager.pro, Bookzone.ua, Bt-store.com, Slotspro.com, Bookit.ua, Go2yourdream.com, Autocentre.ua, UaDreams