Luis Felipe C.
Location Map Pin Costa Rica
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Costa_Rica)
FrontEnd / Full Stack Developer / MongoDB DEV and DBA Certificate with high background in non-relational databases
Enthusiastic, I am interested in IT and everything in its orbit. I have experience with web programming, building websites with content management systems like WordPress or languages like javascript,php,html,css and others. In Centauro Solution company as a Software full stack developer, I gained experience of working in this area. Technical knowledge: ● Database: MongoDB,MySQl. ● Other: HTML, HTML5, CSS,TypeScript, Nest Js ,Express JS Bootstrap,Wordpress, Angular,Laravel,NodeJS. ● Programming language: C#, PHP,Javascript. ● C100DEV, MongoDB Certified Developer. ● M220JS, M121,M001, MongoDB University. ● MongoDB Developer Training, MongoDB University ● Course: Web Designer, Aptech. ● Course : NestJS ,and ANgular 2019. Teaching/Tutoring Experience: ● Professor of course on MongoDB for the Public Ministry of Guatemala September/October/November/December 2021. ● Course instructor at UDEMY MongoDB 2022.