Juan Camilo Lopez R.
Location Map Pin Colombia
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Bogota)
Data Scientist with +4 years of experience and knowledge of Python, SQL, PySpark and AWS.
"*I lead the design and deployment of an automated disbursement system for government welfare benefits, reducing the processing times by 90%, while ensuring scalability. *I established a standard for the definition of user segments through clustering for marketing campaign deployments, classifying the user base to create targeted campaigns that helped reduce marketing costs by 70%. *I worked on a project to classify and summarize documents intended for the generation of reports by the operations area, reducing their workload by 70%. *I designed a program to run queries and give detailed reports, as well as automated pattern detection and statistical summary, increasing the output of the company 3 times over. *I developed a system of sensors for a Taekwondo vest, which enabled detection of kicks and strength of strikes, while giving athletes greater visibility for improved safety.