Ihor F.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Senior Software Engineer | AWS Node.js MongoDB
Software engineer, and solution architect with more than 10 years of experience in software development and designing cloud infrastructures. Enthusiast of application architecture, patterns and domain-driven design. Working with relational, document databases and data warehouses. Huge experience in designing infrastructure in AWS, using serverless technologies, big data processing and machine learning with AWS SageMaker. Building infrastructure using programming languages with AWS CDK. Achievements: - Increased ETL performance by 2000%. - Designed and implemented high load systems with 5M lambda invocations daily. - Migrated 3000 AWS resources into AWS CDK. - Parsed 5GB (json "single line" report) in lambda function with 3GB RAM. - Designed and implemented effective machine learning integration with serverless solution.