Yunuen Vladimir S.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Mexico_City)
Senior Software Engineer with over 15 years of experience in AI using mainly C++, Java, and Unity.
Software Engineer with over 15 years of experience. Some of my main achievements include: 1. IA in Art Project: I develop an artificial intelligence system to model its emotions and behavior. 2. Teaching: I have been giving a game programming class for more than 5 years to college students and in post-graduate programs. 3. VR Lab: I ran a virtual reality lab, where I designed and developed algorithms for a digital image process that was based on artificial intelligence algorithms, that allowed my team and me, to reconstruct parts of the human body, from CT scan digital images. 4. AI Lab: I ran an artificial intelligence lab, where my team and I develop multiple apps from AR to calcification systems. 5. Thesis mentoring: In the Institute where I teach, I mentored more than 40 students in their thesis research, and 98% of them successfully completed it.