Vedad B.
Location Map Pin Bosnia and Herzegovina
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Sarajevo)
Experienced Mobile Application Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.
Experienced Android software engineer in IoT projects and multiple remote teams. Through the years and collaboration with remote teams via agile methodologies, I had a chance to estimate, predict, plan and share my feedback and knowledge. At the very beginning of my career I started to work with both native operating systems(iOS and Android) which has gave me different angles of understanding ecosystems of both at the same time. Multiplatform tools with the best possible solutions for maintenance gave me possibility to be inline with cutting-edge technologies and unit testing in large projects with big amount of active users. I am still learning, and always willing to learn and discuss about better approaches through PRs. That's something that describes me the best during my often dev workday.