Edin S.
Location Map Pin Bosnia and Herzegovina
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Sarajevo)
I work as a developer of mobile and backend applications. I have experience with applications based on both monoliths and micro-services.
I always had a passion for computers and programming and the main reason is that I wanted to do something different from what I was doing before this job. Well, then I decided for an academy that provided me with all the basics I needed to start learning this. I knew, to learn anything, you need to practice it. When I started programming, I was not able to solve problems easily. I used to struggle. Sometimes it takes days to get the answer. But I never give up. After a programming course, I started with small programs and I built some small, workable applications. I didn’t spend so much time each day programming my app because I had to learn, I did it because I wanted to build it. With all my experience and knowledge, I know I'm getting better every day and trying to make as much progress as possible. And it completely suits to my personality.