Arshak T.
Location Map Pin Armenia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Asia/Yerevan)
Full stack Engineer developer with more than 8 years in IT
I've worked on a number of projects using Core PHP, OOP, MVC, Python, PHP frameworks: Laravel, Phalcon, JavaScript as server-side: Node.js, Express.js during the past 8 years. Web, client-server, and other application development is my area of expertise. I also have expertise in utilizing and developing Web services (REST, RESfull API). DBMS like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite are familiar to me. My experience with MongoDB and Redis for non-SQL databases makes me competent in my work. I am proficient in the front-end portion with JS frameworks like Angular 1 and Angular 2+, Vue.js + Vuex, and React.js + Redux. I'm learning more about Python now getting experience in the Flask and Django frameworks in addition to web services. Git version control is something I constantly use. My professional knowledge also covers Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, AWS Amazon tools, Azure, Docker, Vagrant tools, SSH, SFTP, FTP, and cPanel controls.