Muhamed K.
Location Map Pin Albania
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Tirane)
Senior Back-end Developer
PHP (Laravel): Both use it as a gateway to other services and as their own service, storing, retrieving, and transforming data to and from MySQL. Go: 3 years of work experience for a high availability multi-service system, with gRPC/REST for cross-service communication and MySQL for storage. • Experience with WebSockets. • Experience with concurrency used for highly requested systems. C++: 3 years of experience in different competitive programming sites (Code forces, UVa Online Judge, top coder) and competitions. • Solid MySQL knowledge • Solid OOP and design pattern experience • Solid problem-solving and optimization skills • Experienced in Git version control • Experienced in Agile • Front-end technologies, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React.js • Excellent communication skills • Full proficiency in English