Alexey G.
Location Map Pin Bosnia and Herzegovina
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Sarajevo)
Senior Backend Developer
I am skilled Node.js Developer with more than 10+ experience in development. Experienced in the Backend,with a wide range of technologies. Working with startups and fast-growing complex projects. I have outstanding problem-solving skills with the ability to work efficiently. Mentoring has become a part of my universe,I am ready for leading a small team. Dedicated to programming I always search for the best solution. Focused on best performance and high-quality results. Stack: - APIs:REST,gRPC,GraphQL;NestJS,Koa.js,Express - Microservices,hybrid architectures - Typescript,ES6+,ESM,latest JS features - Jest/Mocha/Karma/Chai/Sinon/NYC - Integrations with third-party APIs (Google,Facebook,Twitter,Paypal,Stripe) - Postgres,MySQL/MariaDB;MongoDB,ArangoDB;Tarantool; Redis - ORMs:Sequelize,TypeORM,Mongoose/Typegoose,knex.js,Objection.js - AWS/GCP/Heroku - React v16 /Redux /hooks/Thunk /Saga /Redux-First - SemanticUI/Bootstrap/Foundation