Nicolas L.
Location Map Pin Argentina
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires)
React- Nodejs Developer Junior
Hello!! What's next helps you to know me better and know my motivation in software development and webdevelopment. I'm Nico. Programmer near to 8 years. Currently I'm working in web development with 2 years of experience. I have worked for years, very closely with the Software and with different tools and with different languages. I worked with mobile applications, servers, video games, among others. With teams of no more than 10 people,and always with a great organization. Today, and for almost two years, I found my passion in Web Development, which allows me to do all kinds ofsoftware with one language, that is javascript. Working on more than 30 web projects, I show myself as a passionate and dedicated person with what I do,choosing, mainly, React.js and Node.js as technologies.