Albeiro M.
Location Map Pin Colombia
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Bogota)
I build high-quality interfaces starting from a simple visual prototype; I build powerful software to improve the developments of the companies.
I improved the internal customer experience for one of the companies I ́ve worked for, by migrating one of its most crucial internal applications from a plane javascript-written one to an application entirely written in react, which helped the customer to have a faster experience and avoid behaviors such as the necessity to reload the page I ́ve worked by implementing strategies for migrating data with the help of scripts, by choosing the proper programming language and creating scripts for processing large amounts of data in the cloud I accomplished figuring out how to implement a clean architecture in micro frontend development by creating strategies to connect one micro frontend with another, even though they were not in the same server. I ́ve accomplished helping my development team to deliver at least 14 micro frontends products; I ́m proud of the fact that all those products are currently being used by our customers in production with no bugs at all.