Pablo M.
Location Map Pin Brazil
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Sao_Paulo)
Senior RAILS & PHP developer with attention to detail and strong sense of responsibility
I have always been fascinated by the internet's possibilities, and my love for exploring and learning has only grown over the years. As a developer, I have gained valuable technical skills and knowledge through my studies and work experience. I have a strong track record of successfully delivering mission-critical projects, including replacing a complicated payment gateway with a simpler Stripe middleware and migrating three systems with 50k+ users from a legacy authentication system to a more secure Firebase authentication. In addition to my technical skills, I have also learned the importance of teamwork and collaboration, and how having a supportive leader and helping my colleagues can significantly contribute to the success of a project. Ultimately, what drives me professionally is the desire to make a positive impact and add value to society through my work. Whether it's through automating tasks or developing solutions that improve people's lives, I am always looking for ways to make a difference.