Manuel G.
Location Map Pin Dominican Republic
Main Clock UTC-04:00 (America/Santo_Domingo)
Experienced developer in React, Typescript JavaScript, .NET, C#,React Native, Next, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, DynamoDB, MySQL, SQL Server
- Used React Intl / Format JS to internationalize the application. - Created different designs of the same feature to implement A/B tests. - Worked with selectors and thunks to manage the state of the application. - Worked with the design team to implement different features from Figma. - Worked on adding new features to the pattern library of the company (custom or local library for styles). - Worked a lot with CSS and flexbox to create new features. - Test using Redux Thunks and components using Jest and React Testing Library. Worked with the team making code reviews. Used Google Analytics to track events from the application