Stalyn David O.
Location Map Pin Colombia
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Bogota)
Software Developer with over 7 years of experience
Senior software developer with over 7 years of experience. Some of my achievements include: 1. I developed two apps from scratch, and published them in different App stores, these apps were built for making invoice payments to some local energy and water companies. 2. I Developed two augmented reality Apps for a USA company using Unity 2D, for Android and iOS, the app was for kids and was used in a unique environment with markers. 3. I added some new functionalities to other complex apps, some with legacy code, and published these changes with no problems. 4. I had experience with rare niche technologies like IBM Maximo Asset Management, we used a mix of Java and Python Code Named Jython, to customize de tool, this project was for a Hydrocarbon terminal in my city. 6. I have a Xamarin Mobile Professional Certification.