Sunil S.
Location Map Pin India
Main Clock UTC+05:30 (Asia/Kolkata)
Web and Mobile Apps Development Architect
.An Acknowledged LEADER ..An Accomplished MANAGER …An Avid PROBLEM SOLVER …..An Ambassadorial CHARACTER ……An Auspicious OVERACHIEVER …….An Authoritative TEAM PLAYER ►►► EDUCATE • MOTIVATE • INSPIRE ◄◄◄ What makes me different? A technology-oriented leader who delivers comprehensive and creative solutions to business projects that offer the opportunity to make visible contributions where current qualifications can be fully utilized, while maintaining technical skills sufficient to stay abreast of new technologies. ☛ Dynamic and energetic Business and Information Technology (IT) Consultant with extensive experience in the use of technology to increase corporate profitability and productivity. ☛ Sunil is Leading WORLD'S 1ST ONLINE SOCIAL LEARNING SCHOOL PRODUCT ☛ I am a technical specialist with a broad interest, always looking for ways to improve productivity and quality on the job and goal oriented person would use my all the abilities to achieve my target. ☛ Small, Mid-size, and Large worldwide Implementations / upgrades as Technical Director, CEO, Project Manager, Coordinator, Lead, and Consultant. ☛ Solid client relations and highly proficient in business intelligence. ☛ Professional experience in the following industries: Education, Consulting Services, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Retail,Finance and Economics,Marketing, . ☛ Evaluate, Select and Implement ERP systems, business intelligence systems, document management systems etc. ★ Software Applications ★ Best Team oriented Skills. ★ A good convincing approach ★ Systematic in work and self-motivated ★ Quick learner and have a zeal for learning new things