Artem E.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Senior DevOps with a strong background in Automation QA
● Improved BDD test automation framework by implementing DI and Allure reporting with TestNG parallel runs ● Improved UI tests stability and simplified automation process by Selenide for regression team ● Added 100% automation coverage for new features ● Developed automation testing solution for E2E flow with mocked 3rd party services ● Jenkins pipeline support and failures troubleshooting ● Creating GitLab pipelines for testing projects with reporting ● Maintaining and export Hexawise test data for DDT ● Creating Spring Boot automation framework from scratch for API E2E tests and implementing integration with Zephyr and Allure reporting ● Support Ready API automation test cases ● Development test framework for UI/API test automation based on BDD/DDT approaches ● Investigation and implementation of automation testing solutions for React based front-end, ● RestAPI and GraphQL based back-end ● GitLab Pipeline creation using “Infrastructure as a code” approach