Santiago Felipe M.
Location Map Pin Colombia
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Bogota)
M.Eng. Systems & Computing Engineering, Software Engineer, NodeJS Full Stack Developer & AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.
Worked on an AWS-hosted Serverless solution for a platform that allows investing (as a foreigner in Latin America) in the NY stock market (See Tyba in portfolio) * I managed to design and build a scalable drone platform architecture for my master’s Thesis (See UAVoxWeb in my portfolio). Therefore, I graduated and received my master’s in Systems & Computing Engineering * Worked on a Static-Site generated Online Pharmacy solution that uses GatsbyJS + React to render content (See Vertrical - Optum in portfolio) * I achieved my AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification (And am currently working on getting the Solutions Architect Associate AWS Certification) * I have one year of experience working as a Tech Lead for two separate teams within the same company (Leal’s Website Cell Team & Users Cell Team – See in portfolio), where in each one, we accomplished refactoring our whole platform into a more robust, stable & scalable solution (To serve up to 5 million customers with 2500 – 3000 active users daily)