Gerardo V.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Mexico_City)
I am a hard working developer who has worked in the development of web applications, mobile apps and desktop applications.
Freelance projects: Wordpress plugin https://kekentalento.com/ December 2021 PHP, javascript, mysql, wordpress Plugin for managing an internal social network for notifications, presentation of events congratulations between employees. Consumer api and app in ionic. Holirica https://holirica.com/ October 2019 PHP, javascript, mysql, ionic Therapist directory Handling my code igniter creativemenu https://creativemenu.com.mx/ December 2020 Php, javascript, mysql. Various websites March 201 5 - August 2022 - Only sites that are active are listed (some of them): https://www.haciendaviva.com/ https://glowemprende.com/ http://selvazul.com.mx/ https://tanooki.com.mx/ https://xn--lacabaadellen-nkb0b.com/ https://mixmoney.com.mx/ https://carlosrecio.com.mx/ https://academiainternacionaldolux.org/