Manuel Alexis M.
Location Map Pin Peru
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Lima)
Senior Data Scientist with over 6 years of experience working for several industries.
My achievements as a Data scientist include the following: 1. I created an ML model for detecting salmonella outbreaks, using Python. It was a 10MM project in the largest CPG company in Chile. 2. I deployed a commercial scoring API for a financial services company, based on an ML model on an AWS platform to evaluate online loan requests. 3. I created an API architecture in AWS to digest data from PostgreSQL, then to serve data like time running, appointments, and availability for a parking solution. 4. I created a deep learning model to detect fraud in Peruvian IDs, using computer vision, and then extracting text. The result reduced 80% of the manual workload. 5. I created a text and sentiment analysis report using NLP, using comments from customers to develop bigrams, entity recognition, net diagrams, and text predictors with a Markov Model.