Serhii B.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Over 7 years of experience in software development on iOS.
I have over 7 years of experience in software development on iOS. At this moment, I was working on multiple large projects and was responsible for different areas of development. I have experience with full application development cycles from scratch worked closely with design and product teams, implemented full interaction with the backend, and collaborated with another team, plan and deliver and participate in all scrum meetings, provided support to customers by answering requests and troubleshooting problems also, I worked with refactoring, unit testing, CI/CD setup, and setup code quality metrics. These applications are built using swift and objective-c. Also, I am a tech expert in my direction and can conduct the evaluation. I have the skill to explain the technical part of the project in an easy and understandable. I always support his manager and help to solve problems. I always follow the rules, provide ideas for improvement, think ahead about the possible risks, and read a lot about changes and news in iOS.