Daniely B.
Location Map Pin United States
Main Clock UTC-08:00 (America/Los_Angeles)
Dany is an extremely competent developer, always highly praised for her posture and technical quality. She is very knowledgeable about iOS and Android
- Developed Android and iOS applications from scratch as a solo developer, serving over 5 million users and achieving a 4.5 rating on the Play Store. - Gained unique experience working with a mobile-first team on a finance app with over 25 million users. - Mentored junior developers. - Led a significant refactoring effort, advocating for the transition from Java to Kotlin, which was unanimously approved and successfully implemented. - Initiated study groups within teams to foster collective learning and growth. - Proactively improved application performance through presentations and evidence-based optimizations, particularly benefiting a banking app. - Implemented internal process changes to promote the use of our own product (dogfooding).